Vidhu's kitchen: Homemade Potato Smiley / Smiles

Homemade Potato Smiley / Smiles


Cooked Potato      : 1
Corn Flour            : 2 1/2 tbsps 
Bread crumbs        : 1 tsp


Peel and grate the cooked potato.
Add salt,corn flour to it and mash well.
There should be no lumps. 
If the dough is too sticky,add little more flour.  

                                                                Make small balls.

                                                           Flatten it with your hands 


                                    Use a knife to make eyes and smile or use a pencil to make eyes.     


Keep them in freezer for an hour.
Take them out sprinkle little corn flour on them.
Deep fry them in hot oil.
Serve with ketch up... 


Ria Mathew said...

This looks interesting! I might give it a try very soon ! :)

Bala Jayaseelan said...

That's awesome. Your smileys looks equally good to mccains. Please tell me which potato should I use, chips potato or usual one? Waiting for your reply. .........

Raji said...

I just tried and it came out awesome....thanks for the recipe