Vidhu's kitchen: 800 th post

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800 th post

Dharwad peda 


Full cream milk                    :  1 ltre
Lemon juice                          : 1 tsp
Sugar                                     : 1/2 cup
Ghee                                      : 2 tsp
Milk                                       : 1 tsp
Powdered sugar                    : 3 tsps for dusting the peda
Cardamom powder               : a pinch


Boil milk & simmer for few minutes.
Add lemon juice to it and keep stirring until the whey completely separates.
Switch off the fire.
Place a fine cloth over a container and strain it.
Tie the cloth & hang it to a sink tap for 1 hour to let the whey completely drain out.
Heat a non stick pan,  add the khoya & 1 tsp ghee to it and mix well & let it cook on medium flame until golden brown.
Add sugar , 1 tsp milk & mix well & cook until golden brown on low flame.
Keep stirring continuously.
Add cardamom powder , remaining 1 tsp ghee and mix well.
Let it cook for few more minutes.
Now remove from flame & let the mixture cool down.
Knead into lemon sized balls.
Finally take powdered sugar in a plate , roll the peda balls in the sugar , coating them on all the sides  .
Transfer it to a air tight container. 
Serve & Enjoy :) 

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