Vidhu's kitchen: Magali Kizhangu Pickle - My Amma's Recipe

Magali Kizhangu Pickle - My Amma's Recipe


Magali kizhangu           : 1/2 kg
Thick Curd                    : 1 lt 
Mango Ginger ( Maa inji)   : 150 gm 
Red Chillies                         : 10 nos 
lemon                                   : 5 nos
Green chillies                       : 5
Mustard seeds                      : 50 gms
Fenugreek seeds                  : 1 tsp 
Turmeric powder                 : 2 tbsps

Wash & Soak the magali kizhangu for 2 hours.
Chop the lemon and keep aside.
Peel the skin and remove the middle root / fibre .
Finely chop the root.
Add the lemon pieces,salt,Chopped Mango ginger, green chillies to it  and mix well.
Let it soak for 2 days.
After 2 days , Grind red chillies, mustard seeds,fenugreek seeds to a fine paste.
Beat the curd well,add the paste and mix.
Add the magali kizhangu mixture to the curd and mix everything well.
Now the pickle is ready to serve.
Store it in an air tight container. 

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Veena Theagarajan said...

one of my fav too... Perfect with curd rice

lavanya manvi said...

Nice post. Thanks for share.