Vidhu's kitchen: Mixed Nuts Kheer

Mixed Nuts Kheer


Mixed nuts        : 1/2 cup ( i used Badam,pista,Cashewnuts)
Cardamom        : 2 
poppy seeds       : 1 tsp
Saffron               : a pinch
Milk                   : 3 cups
Sugar                  : 1/2 cup 
Sara Paruppu / chironji       : 1 tbsp


                                      Soak the nuts,Cardamom pods,poppy seeds in 1/2 cup hot milk  for 1 hour

                           take out the skin of the almonds and grind the nuts into a smooth paste.

Mix the paste with the remaining 2 1/2 cups milk,add saffron and boil in a heavy bottomed pan on low flame.

                                                    Add sugar, mix well and boil for 3 minutes

                                                 Add sara paruppu and switch off the flame.

                     Mixed nuts  kheer is ready to serve now . You can serve it chilled or serve warm.