Ulundu kozhukattai recipe / Uppu kozhukattai / Ammini kozhukattai / உளுந்து கொழுக்கட்டை

Ingredients for Kozhukattai Maavu

Raw rice : 1 cup


Soak raw rice in water for 1 hour.
Drain the rice and spread it in a clean cloth for 10 minutes.
Grind the rice to a fine powder.
Sieve twice and keep aside.
Boil 1/2 cup Water in a pan with little salt and 1/2 tsp oil.
When the water starts to boil, add 1/2 cup rice flour,mix well and remove from fire.
Knead it well and cover it.
Pinch out small dough and roll as a ball.
Steam cook the balls for 10 minutes.

Ingredients for urad dal filling

Urad dal            : 1 cup
Toor dal             : 2 tbsp
Red chillies        : 7
Green chilly       : 2
Curry leaves


Wash and soak urad dal & toor dal  for 1/2 an hour.
Grind with 5 red chillies, 2 green chillies and salt to a coarse consistency.
Steam cook the paste in a greased idli plate for 10 minutes.
Let it cool and crumble / grate  it.
In a heavy bottomed kadai, heat 2 tsp oil and season with mustard seeds,asafoetida and curry leaves,
Now add the crumbled mixture, mix well and cook in low flame until dry.
Add the steamed kozhukattai balls , mix well and remove from flame.
Serve hot .

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