Vidhu's kitchen: Omam Vatha Kuzhambu

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Omam Vatha Kuzhambu


Tamarind water        : 2 cups
Sambar powder       : 1 1/2 tbsps
Omam / Ajwain        : 1 tsp
Gingelly oil                : 2 tbsps
Curry leaves
Mustard seeds



In tamarind water , add sambar powder,asafoetida,salt and keep aside.
Heat 11/2 tbsp oil,temper with mustard seeds,curry leaves.
Add tamarind mixture now.
Let it boil on low flame.
Heat remaining 1/2 tbsps oil in an another pan , add omam / ajwain,as this splutters add this to the  simmering kuzhambu & mix.
Let it boil for another few minutes.
Remove from fire & Serve with hot rice.

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