Vidhu's kitchen: Vegetable Noodles

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Vegetable Noodles


Noodles      : 1 pkt
Chopped vegetables  : 1 cup ( carrots,beans,green peas,cabbage,capsicum) 
Soya sauce         : 1 tbsp
Chopped garlic    : 1 tbsp 
Chopped onion    : 2 tbsps
Pepper powder   : 1 tsp
Chilly Tomato sauce     : 1 tsp 
Spring onion            : 2 tbsps


Boil water and add noodles to it .
Let it cook.
When it is done,drain the water,wash  the cooked noodles with cold water and completely drain it again and keep aside.
Heat 2 tbsps oil in a kadai, add onion, garlic and fry.
Add the vegetables, salt and mix well.
Add soya sauce,chilly tomato sauce ,pepper powder and blend well.
Add the drained noodles,finely chopped spring onion now and fry for few minutes in high flame.
Serve hot with  sauce... 


Shama Nagarajan said...

yummy yummy

Teena said...

Delicious & tummy filling!!! Loved it :)