Vidhu's kitchen: Leftover Rice Tikkis

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Leftover Rice Tikkis


Leftover cooked rice         : 1 cup
Besan flour                        : 4 tbsps 
Chopped onion                 : 2 tbsps
Red chilly powder             : 1 tsp
Pac bhaji masala powder   : 1 tsp
Cumin powder                   ; 1/2 tsp 
Green chilly                       : 1
Coriander leaves             


Take a bowl,put the cooked rice and mash well.
To that add besan flour, onion,red chilly powder,pav bhaji masala powder,cumin powder,chopped green chilly.coriander leaves, salt and knead everything well.
Make a small ball,flatten it .
Heat a frying pan,add 1tbsp oil ,fry the rice tikkis in the oil and cook both sides .
Serve hot with any sauce.

1 comment:

Vidhya said...

nice idea of using the leftover rice...