Vidhu's kitchen: Pottukadalai Urundai / பொட்டுகடலை உருண்டை

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Pottukadalai Urundai / பொட்டுகடலை உருண்டை


Pottukadalai   : 1 cup
Jaggery           : 1 cup
Water              : 3/4  cup


Heat 1 cup of water in a deep pan and add the jaggery. 
Mix well and wait until the jaggery dissolves completely and filter the syrup to remove the impurities. 
Bring it to boil and let it cook till the syrup reaches soft ball consistency. 
To check the correct consistency, take a drop of jaggery syrup ,add it in a cup of water,if the syrup able to form a ball,then that is the correct consistency
Add pottukadalai to it ,mix and remove from fire.
Grease both the hands with ghee or with rice flour and roll tightly into balls. 
Let it cool,store it in an air tight container . 


Vidhya said...

my favorite pottukadalai urundai. I always make mistake with vella paagu. Will try to do it again.

Priya said...

Love it ..Such a healthy snack ..