Vidhu's kitchen: 7 Cup Burfi / Cake / 7 கப் கேக்

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7 Cup Burfi / Cake / 7 கப் கேக்


Besan Flour : 1 cup :
Milk            : 1 cup
Grated coconut   : 1 cup
Ghee                   : 1 cup
Sugar                  : 3 cups 


Heat a heavy bottomed thick kadai, add besan flour,milk,ghee,coconut,sugar and mix well.
Keep mixing to ensure there are no lumps .
Once it starts boiling, reduce the flame .
Meanwhile grease a tray with ghee .
Make sure the flame is in sim position and stir continously.
When the mixture starts thicken and slightly turned to the golden colour and leaves the sides of the pan immediately pour to the greased plate , and cut into desired shape.   

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