Vidhu's kitchen: Corn flour Halwa - Easy sweet recipe

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Corn flour Halwa - Easy sweet recipe


Corn flour  : 1/4 cup
Sugar         : 3/4 cup
Water         : 1 cup
Ghee          ; 2 tbsps
Orange Food colour ; a pinch
Cashewnuts   ; few


Fry the cashewnuts with little ghee till golden brown and keep aside.
Grease a plate with ghee and keep aside .
Mix corn flour with 1/2 cup water and food colour  without lumps. 
Heat  a heavy bottomed pan, add  sugar and the remaining water .
Let the sugar gets dissolved, lower the flame.
Add the corn flour mixture slowly and keep stirring .
Keep stirring till the whole mixture turns glossy.
Add ghee and mix.
When the mixture is becomes thick add the roasted cashews and mix.
When the halwa starts leaving from the sides of the pan , transfer to the greased plate and let it cool for an hour.
Cut into small  pieces and serve.

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