Vidhu's kitchen: Sweet somas / Karchikai / Karanji recipe - Diwali recipes

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Sweet somas / Karchikai / Karanji recipe - Diwali recipes


Maida /All purpose flour   : 1 cup
Corn flour                           : 1 tbsp
Ghee                                    : 1 tblsp
Salt                                      : a pinch

Ingredients for filling

Fried gram dal                      : 1/2 cup
Sugar                                     : 3/4 cup
Grated coconut                       :  1/2 cup
Cardamom                              : 2 nos


Mix maida, corn flour, ghee , salt well.
Sprinkle little water and make a stiff dough.
Keep aside for an hour.
Grind cardamom and sugar to a fine powder and keep aside.
Dry roast fired gram and coconut separately and let it cool.
Grind fried gram to a fine powder , add it to the sugar powder and mix.
Add roasted coconut to it and mix everything well and keep aside.
Divide the maida dough into 15 equal balls.
Roll each into thin pooris, add 1 tbsp of fried gram mixture into the poori , greese the side of the poori with little water andclose it.
Press the greased side well and trim the edges with a somas cutter , knife or with a fork.
Deep fry in medium hot oil until golden brown colour.
Allow it to cool and sore in an air tight container.
Enjoy and Happy Diwali....:)

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