Vidhu's kitchen: Gulab Jamun

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Gulab Jamun


Milk powder   : 1 cup
Maida            : 1/4 cup
Butter            : 2  tsps
Milk              :  Few drops to knead the dough
Baking soda  : 1/4 tsp

For sugar syrup 

Sugar  : 2 cups
Water : 1 cup


In a bowl,add milk powder,maida,butter ,baking powder and mix well.
Add  milk and make it into a smooth dough.
Cover it and keep aside for 15 mins.
In a pan,add sugar, water and let it boil till the syrup becomes sticky .
Add cardamom powder to sugar syrup and keep aside.
Take the jamun dough, divide into equal parts, deep fry them in medium heat oil,place them on  paper towel,add it to the sugar syrup .
Garnish with almonds or cashewnuts.


Hamaree Rasoi said...

yummy I want to eat some now..It's been a long time I made these..and your gulab jamuns are tempting me a lot :-)
Hamaree Rasoi

jayasree said...

Jamuns looks super soft. Just last week I made a big batch of these for a get-together. I haven't tried with milk powder. Its either store bought or from khova.

Srividhya Ravikumar said...

Thank you friends.

@ Jayasree: i used nestle milk powder dear..

Rachana said...

Yumm! Gulab jamuns are one of my fav!

Thanks for yr lovely comment on my blog:-)

chef and her kitchen said...

wow..those gulab jamun's look really yummy....perfect color..

Unknown said...

Gulab jamun looks perfect & yummy..feel like grabbing the bowl..:)

Unknown said...

WOW!! Super yummy gulab jamuns..Looks perfect!!

Raks said...

You have made a great job,just like that!!! I would love to try jamuns at home,yours looking very very nice,I am bookmarking to try :)

Rumana Rawat said...

My favorite one looks very mouthwatering:)

Urmi said...

Gulabjamun looks soft, yummy and tempting. Feel like having it now.

Suchitra Vaidyaram said...

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Suneetha's kitchen said...

Looks so yummy

Unknown said...

Irresistible...super yum! :)

தக்குடு said...

இந்த கைல ஒன்னு! அந்த கைல ஒன்னு! 2 எடுத்துக்கறேன் சரியா!!! :))